Mens Ultimate IPS Plus

The measure of all things - the ultimate neoprene wetsuit with maximum freedom of movement, maximum buoyancy and not least its first class gliding properties for fast swim splits.

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Ultimate IPS Plus - the measure of all things.

Completely satisfied when you’ve achieved your goals? No way! Not if you want to stay at the top of the game. We are all committed to constantly improving – whether at work or at play. This is the philosophy we have applied to the sailfish Ultimate IPS Plus – and taken quality to a new level! Not only does this suit encompass everything we’ve learned in over 10 years of developing exceptionally high-quality wetsuits. It has also been co-developed and tested like no other suit by professionals. Click here for the womens model.


The new model.

What makes it better now than ever? Very simple: up to 20 % more buoyancy! This is made possible by the addition of Nano Aerodome – a unique neoprene with air cells in the hip, chest and now also in the leg area, which provides abundant buoyancy and an even better body position in the water.


Made to make you faster.

What else does the sailfish Ultimate IPS Plus have to offer? For instance, high-quality Nano Space Cell 2 neoprene, which provides flexibility and ideal hydrodynamics never before achieved. And, of course, the Avevia Super Dry lining with minimal water absorption, a low collar for greater comfort, an intelligent and perfectly balanced mix of different panels that helps the Ultimate IPS Plus adapt to your body like a second skin. Last but not least, a new forearm panel makes for optimised gliding and an even better feel when pulling yourself through the water.
So – go for your record: with the sailfish Ultimate IPS Plus.

Modernste Technologien

Um ein Maximum an Flexibilität und Geschwindigkeit zu erzielen wartet der Ultimate IPS Plus

mit unseren Top-Technologien auf Dich. 


Zero Resistance Panel

Durch eine einzigartige Schnittführung im Schulterbereich wird der Materialwiderstand in gestreckter Armposition minimiert. Den Effekt des neu entwickelten Zero Resistance Panels spürst du, wenn du in voller Streckung durchs Wasser gleitest.


Avevia Super Dry

Das wenig Wasser aufnehmende Innenfutter sorgt dank seiner hervorragenden Dehnfähigkeit in Kombination mit dem Neopren für die maximale Flexibilität des Anzugs. Durch das vergleichsweise trocken bleibende Avevia Super Dry steht schnellen Wechselzeiten nichts im Wege.


Nano Space Cell 2

Das Nano Space Cell 2 ist das Non-plus-ultra der Oberflächenbeschichtungen und reduziert den Reibungswiderstand im Wasser auf ein Minimum. Die wasserabweisende Oberfläche lässt dich unvergleichbar schnell durchs Wasser gleiten.


Stability Aero Panel

Durch eine spezielle Schnittführung aus einem auftriebsstärkeren Neopren sowie einem festeren Innenfutter wird die Hüfte stabilisiert. Das Stability Aero Panel reduziert Schlingerbewegungen und hält dich stromlinienförmig im Wasser.

Sizing Chart

With the sailfish sizing charts and a few important information we help you to chose the right size. Your size depends on the body weight and body height. If you are between two sizes, the body weight is the determining factor.

SIf you are not sure about your choice, please contact our team that is happy to help you. You can contact us by e-mail at or by calling 06157/40 21 770.


Gewicht [kg]
Weight [kg]
Größe [cm]
Height [cm]
Gewight [lb]
Weight [lb]
Größe [ft]
Height [ft]
Extra Small XS 60-71 160-175 132-157 5'3"-5'9"
Extra Small Long XSL 60-71 175-185 132-157 5'9"-6'1"
Small S 68-79 165-180 150-174 5'5"-5'10"
Small Long SL 72-79 180-190 159-174 5'10"-6'3"
Medium M 78-88 175-185 172-194 5'9"-6'1"
Medium Long ML 80-90 185-195 176-198 6'1"-6'5"
Medium Large ML+ 85-95 175-190 188-209 5'9"-6'3"
Large L 86-98 185-200 189-216 6'1"-6'7"
Extra Large XL 95+ 185-205+ 209+ 6'1"-6'9"+
Gewicht [kg]
Weight [kg]
Größe [cm]
Height [cm]
Gewicht [lb]
Weight [lb]
Größe [ft]
Height [ft]
Extra Small W-XS 42-50 140-160 93-110 4'7"-5'3"
Small W-S 48-54 145-165 106-119 4'9"-5'5"
Small/Medium W-SM 52-62 150-175 114-137 4'11"-5'9"
Small/Medium Long W-SML 52-62 175-185 114-137 5'9-6'1"
Medium W-M 56-72 165-180 132-158 5'5"-5'10"
Large W-L 72+ 170-185 158+ 5'7"-6'1"




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