One (2018)

Due to its maximum buoyancy and its impressive flexibility the One has become a sailfish legend and a top class racing suit in the past ten years.

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One - the buoyancy miracle.

Thanks to continued development, a fresh design and new technologies, the One has rightfully established itself as a first class neoprene suit. Our buoyancy miracle is the first choice for those swimmers who wish for additional support and a higher position in the water.


Maximum buoyancy

The core of this neoprene suit are the Aerodome Panels. In the trunk- and thigh area they raise the position in the water and increase the buoyancy through big, enclosed air cells, so you can swim more efficiently.
The outer material which is coated with SCS ensures minor water resistance.


Great flexibility

Because of the Zero Resistance Panel the armpit area can move freely, which is why you can swim efficiently and with little effort. Our new cut reduces the effort for arm strokes to a minimum. As a result there is absolutely no material resistance, when the arm is stretched.


Improved fit

The ergonomic panel management ensures perfect fit in the groin, leg, and hip area. Additionally the Stability Panel Carbon Plus made out of strengthened neoprene material stabilizes your hip and prevents rotation.


Perfect grip

The extra-big V-Power Panels enable perfect gliding in the diving phase and help you build up higher pressure in the stroke phase.

Latest technologies

The One is built with our top technology to achieve a maximum buoyancy and flexibility.


Zero Resistance Panel

The newly developed Zero Resistance Panel allows you to swim effortlessly and efficiently. Due to the specifically designed armpit panel we managed to reduce the effort per stroke to an absolute minimum. With an outstretched arm, there is in fact no material resistance.


Nano Aero Dome & SCS Nano Skin

The unique neoprene with encased air cell matrix increases buoyancy and ensures an optimum body position. Espacially on long distances it helps you to delay the fatigue.
The SCS Nanoskin is the neoprene outer material for extremely low frictional resistance in water and best buoyancy properties.


V-Power Panel

The v-shaped arrangement of elements reduces the arm's resistance when entering the water. In the subsequent pull phase they provide an increased pressure build-up on the forearm. The V-Power Panel optimizes your power use and lets you glide through the water more efficiently.


Stability Panel

A special panel layout and a more solid neoprene on the lateral hip stabilizes the body. The Stability Panel reduces rolling motions of the hips and keeps you streamlined in the water.

Athletes votes

Many of the best triathletes in the world swim sailfish wetsuits.

In Barcelona I tested the different wetsuits of sailfish. In the One I immediately felt "at home". Then at 70.3 Barcelona I was the first out of the water. Since then, the matter is clear for me.
Ricarda Lisk
Olympics 2008 participant and Worldcup race winner
The One's additional buoyancy helps me to get out of the water more relaxed. The wetsuit is my perfect choice for every race.
Patrick Lange
3. IRONMAN Hawaii 2016

Sizing chart

With the sailfish sizing charts and a few important information we help you to chose the right size.
Your size depends on the body weight and body height. If you are between two sizes, the body weight is the determining factor.

If you are not sure about your choice, please contact our team that is happy to help you. You can contact us by e-mail at or by calling 06157/40 21 770.


Gewicht [kg]
Weight [kg]
Größe [cm]
Height [cm]
Gewight [lb]
Weight [lb]
Größe [ft]
Height [ft]
Extra Small XS 60-71 160-175 132-157 5'3"-5'9"
Extra Small Long XSL 60-71 175-185 132-157 5'9"-6'1"
Small S 68-79 165-180 150-174 5'5"-5'10"
Small Long SL 72-79 180-190 159-174 5'10"-6'3"
Medium M 78-88 175-185 172-194 5'9"-6'1"
Medium Long ML 80-90 185-195 176-198 6'1"-6'5"
Medium Large ML+ 85-95 175-190 188-209 5'9"-6'3"
Large L 86-98 185-200 189-216 6'1"-6'7"
Extra Large XL 95+ 185-205+ 209+ 6'1"-6'9"+
Gewicht [kg]
Weight [kg]
Größe [cm]
Height [cm]
Gewight [lb]
Weight [lb]
Größe [ft]
Height [ft]
Extra Small W-XS 42-50 140-160 93-110 4'7"-5'3"
Small W-S 48-54 145-165 106-119 4'9"-5'5"
Small/Medium W-SM 52-62 150-175 114-137 4'11"-5'9"
Small/Medium Long W-SML 52-62 175-185 114-137 5'9-6'1"
Medium W-M 56-68 165-180 123-150 5'5"-5'10"
Large W-L 62+ 170-185 137+ 5'7"-6'1"




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