The sleeveless – the latest model of our wetsuit collection presents itself as balanced, buoyant and absolutely flexible.

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Rocket - the sleeveless

The latest model of our wetsuit collection presents itself as balanced buoyant and absolutly flexible.
The new sailfish Rocket is an high-quality alternative to the classical wetsuit for those who can go without warming sleeves in favour of absolute flexibility or who prefer swimming in warm water.


Maximum flexibility with balanced buoyancy

The new sailfish Rocket offers an unrestricted flexibility without neglecting the buoyancy. Thanks to a clever material insert our „Long John“ is predestined for all swimmers who like having additional buoyancy in warm water or who appreciate sleeveless swimming.


High-quality and flexible neoprene

The different material thicknesses of the SCS #39 neoprene in the thighs and chest areas ensure a balanced buoyancy and low water resistance. The armholes of the Rocket are processed in such a way that they close pleasantly soft and reduce the water intake to a minimum.


Improved hip stability and perfect fit

The ergonomically adapted panel use ensures a perfect fit in the groin, leg and hip area. This is supplemented by the Stability Panel CarbonPlus, made of reinforced neoprene material, which stabilizes your hip.

Latest technologies

The Rocket features some technologies that make it a high-quality alternative to the classic wetsuit.


SCS #39

The durable and elastic neoprene offers best buoyancy and flexibility, which is achieved by its extensibility of up to 520%. A SCS surface coating reduces the friction resistance in the water to a minimum.


Stability Panel

A special cut and a more solid neoprene on the lateral hip stabilizes the body. The Stability Panel reduces rolling motions of the hips and keeps you streamlined in the water.


Sizing chart

With the size chart, we help you to make the right size selection. If you are indifferent between two sizes, then the body weight is the determining factor.




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