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On this 7th and for now final episode of how to have fun swimming and become a better open water swimmer we’ll talk a bit about race day.

The big day is here, you’re nervous, you might have missed a swim practice or two, and you start questioning yourself. Well, let me tell you, the better prepared you are, the more confident you’ll be on that starting line. Back in 2018, when I was on the start line of Ironman Hawaii, I surely was nervous, but I knew from my training results that I had the swim record in me. So, it’s about delivering to the best of your capabilities. Warm-up on land, no matter how warm it is. Try to warm-up in the water as well. Get yourself a starting position you feel comfortable with. If you’re a weaker swimmer, go either further to the side of the swim start or further to the back or both. Oftentimes, the race is long. Don’t kill yourself or get killed within the first 200 meters of the swim part. Start at a comfortable pace and ease into it. You’ll have so much more fun! And once you get out of the water and you start wondering about tips for the bike and the run, go and talk to the other Jan, he knows this stuff better than me! So, I hope you’ll have fun out there in the water and I hope to see you at one of the races

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