sailfish Academy | Episode 2: TIPS FOR MORE EFFICIENT SWIMMING

In this second episode, I’m going to give you four important tips on a more efficient and subsequently faster swim in general.

The most important element in swimming faster is not more strength, or more power or more endurance, it’s actually less resistance. Streamline, streamline, streamline is key. Literally, keeping it together will make you swim faster. So try to reduce your drag as much as you can. You can train this by doing gliding exercises for example.

Second, try to breathe efficiently and normal. Breathing while swimming should not be much different from breathing when you’re on land. Don’t hold you breath under water, it will make you really tired really quickly

Third, as a triathlete, don’t kick too much with your legs. The largest muscles of our body are in the legs, you’ll get tired quickly and you still need your legs for cycling and running. So try to use your kick to stabilize your water position

Last but not least, swimming freestyle is also about rotating your shoulders and your hips. Try to use the weight of your upper body to „lean“ into your stroke, you’ll save lots of arm strength over time…

And these are my 4 best tips for a more efficient stroke…