sailfish Academy | Episode 3: ALL THE GEAR - NO IDEA

Today’s 3rd episode is about „all the gear, but no idea“

My 5 cents on swim accessories and training equipment. First of all, I do think it’s useful and effective to use training equipment, it can help and improve your technique, it mixes up your training and keeps it interesting. It can also amplify movements, create awareness and make you focus on a certain position in the water. But, don’t overdo it. I know triathletes who do 90% of their training with paddles. I can only say, good luck with your shoulders over time. So as a general piece of advice, let’s run down the list: paddles, smaller is better than larger. Pull-buoy – fine after a bike session or toward the end of a swim practice to help stabilize the legs. Fins – good for better kick awareness; Snorkel – eliminate head rotation so that you can focus on other elements of your stroke. Ankle cuffs: make sure you don’t drown. And there you go, have fun with your utensils but don’t overuse them!