sailfish Academy | Episode 1: FUN SWIM SESSIONS

Let's talk about fun swim sessions!

Say, you don't have a coach on the pool deck, you're about to go for a swim.

How do you structure a fun swim session that's both effective and not boring? Well, ask yourself some questions first! What's my goal for the day? Is it speed, technique work, endurance? How much time do I have? First and foremost, in contrast to cycling or running, you recover much faster from swimming. This also means, you can't do that much wrong in planning your training as a triathlete. But you should start with a warm-up on land, followed by a warm-up in water. Then, if you've decided to do technique work, do it at the beginning when you're fresh and focused, not at the end. For the main set or main sets, variability is key. It does not all have to be freestyle, mix in some other strokes every once in a while. However, don't forget, in case you're training for a long distance race, make sure you get a few longer swims in, there's just no way around it. At the end of each practice, make sure you do some cool-down, at least 200 meters, it's good for your body to start the recovery process and you'll be even fitter for your next session. So good luck with that and have fun in the pool!