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  • Neoprene Gloves, Neoprene Socks, Neopen Cap

    Neoprene Socks - Warming neoprene swim socks with non-slip sole for low water temperatures.

    Neoprene Cap adjustable - Keep a warm head with the Neoprene Cap.

    Neoprene Gloves - Warming neoprene glove is comfortable to wear while swimming in cold waters due to the long shaft and highly flexible material.

  • Bathing cap

    A swimming cap (also called bathing cap, swimming cap, swimming cap and swimming cap) is a headgear, which is worn when swimming. Swimming with a bathing cap, especially when crawling, is advantageous because the loose hair no longer hinders swimming and a smooth surface is provided.

    With a bathing cap, less hair comes into contact with the chlorine of the pool water and thus damage your hair less. Of course, this reason only applies to people with long hair.

  • Swimming snorkel

    A swimming snorkel is used by swimmers and triathletes to perform technique exercises cleanly. By using a snorkel, they do not have to additionally concentrate on breathing during the movement process, which means that the focus can be placed on the water position and the technique. Movement sequences can be executed or observed in a more controlled manner thanks to the snorkel. Basically, training with a snorkel brings a useful training variety. The snorkel is attached to the forehead via a forehead piece. This adapts to the shape of the head. The snorkel is hydrodynamically shaped and thus relaxes the neck, shoulders and back. This makes swimming with a snorkel an effective training session.

  • Open water swimming buoy

    A swim buoy provides visibility, safety and also, through a waterproof pocket, a storage option for valuables while swimming. The buoy can be inflated and deflated through its valve. The buoy is attached to the waist with the included belt. So the buoy can be tightened while swimming. If a break is to be taken, this is no problem in open water, because the buoy can be clung to in order not to sink. The interplay of visibility and buoyancy that open water swimming buoys offer provides a certain serenity while swimming and a high degree of safety.

  • Pullbouy / Pullboy

    A pullboy is a buoyancy aid designed to provide buoyancy during swimming so that the swimmer can concentrate on arm movement. The Pullbouy gives an optimal water position, as it prevents the legs from sinking. It is prevented by taking the pull boy between the legs. The legs are thus kept still and the focus is on the arm work.

  • Finger Paddles / Classic Paddles

    Paddles Swim Training: Using the paddles in swim training helps improve your crawl technique by training strength and speed endurance. Swim paddles are a technical training aid to improve pulling and swimming technique. Generally, paddles should only be a tiny bit larger than your own hand so as not to put too much stress on your shoulders while swimming. Larger Classic Paddles create more water resistance and therefore a much more strenuous workout.

  • Triathlon backpack

    The sailfish waterproof backpack Durban is waterproof backpack and provides a transport option for wet wetsuits or swimming equipment. The waterproof backpack can be closed thanks to its roll-side closure. The triathlon backpack also has two adjustable backpack shoulder straps to adjust the appropriate size. Built up, the swim backpack is like a pouch with a small zippered interior pocket.

    The Dublin waterproof sports bag, which can also be worn as a backpack, is an all-rounder. So it is suitable as a change zone bag, as well as a sporty weekender, as a backpack for swimming or simply for sports. The water-repellent material, as well as the adjustable shoulder straps, as well as the carrying straps make it the perfect travel bag for upcoming triathlon competitions.

    The Barcelona backpack is a waterproof backpack with removable laptop compartment inside. It fits comfortably to the back due to its padded back parts. It also offers maximum comfort thanks to its adjustable shoulder, chest and waist straps. The backpack bag can be closed by means of its roll top.