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Mens Ultimate IPS Plus 3

The fastest wetsuit we have ever developed. Maximum flexibility, maximum buoyancy, triathlon competition

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    Description / Material

    A neoprene thickness of 4.5 millimeters around the chest, hips and thighs create buoyancy exactly where its needed to support your technique and speed. 2.5 to 4.0 millimeters thickness around the lower leg offers a balanced compromise between buoyancy and an easy, quick take-off in the transition zone. On the other hand Arms and shoulders , get optimal freedom of movement with 1.5 millimeter neoprene for an efficient and powerful arm pull.


    - "Healthy Seas" is an organization that supports sailfish with sustainable materials while cleaning our oceans.

    - We have switched to sustainable packaging and integrated it into our product assortment to reduce our dependence on harmful shipping and display items.

    - Sustainable logistics get your package to your door in a way that's kinder to the planet, so you can look forward to your next adventure in a cleaner natural environment.


    - Wir haben umgestellt auf nachhaltige Verpackungen und in unser Produktsortiment integriert, um die Abhängigkeit von schädlichen Versand- und Displayartikeln zu reduzieren.

    - Nachhaltige Logistik bringt Dein Paket auf eine für den Planeten schonendere Art und Weise zu Dir nach Hause, damit Du Dich auf Dein nächstes Abenteuer in einer saubereren Natur freuen kannst.

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    Mens Ultimate IPS Plus 3
    Mens Ultimate IPS Plus 3
    Mens Ultimate IPS Plus 3
    Mens Ultimate IPS Plus 3
    Mens Ultimate IPS Plus 3
    Mens Ultimate IPS Plus 3
    Mens Ultimate IPS Plus 3
    Mens Ultimate IPS Plus 3



    • Water position

    • Hip rotation

    • Water resistance

    • Freedom of movement

    More buoyancy for your perfect water position

    Aerofloat Max stands for maximum buoyancy. The Ultimate IPS Plus 3 ensures an optimal water position with integrated air cells. This means an even better posture and position in the water, and an even smaller silhouette and thus more speed.

    Hip rotation - the key to even more efficiency

    Our most recently developed Hip Rotation Panel is a torso panel that supports you in creating a more powerful, faster swimming technique. Additional freedom of movement in the hips allows you unrestricted hip rotation, almost as if you were swimming without a suit. This allows you to transfer the longitudinal rotation of your body better in the water and convert your power into effective propulsion.

    Even less water resistance

    Nano Stealth Coating means minimal frictional resistance. The ultra-thin coating of our Phantom Skin Neoprene lets you glide weightlessly through the water - towards the transition zone and a new best time.

    Freedom of movement unlimited

    Freedom of movement unlimited The key to an efficient technique with maximum propulsion is freedom of movement. That's what our Ultimate IPS Plus 3 delivers, with its advanced Phantom Skin neoprene and Ultra Stretch innerliner. This extremely flexible material assists in allowing you to perfect your stroke, and to truly focus on your competition and your performance. The Ultimate IPS Plus 3 gives you unmatched freedom to fully utilize your technique. The Zero Resistance Panel offers a perfect water feel with it’s low seam content and integrated arm panel



    "For me, the Ultimate is my choice especially for long distance because it brings a lot of shoulder mobility. At the same time, it has a lot of buoyancy, but it's still balanced enough that no matter what speeds you're swimming at, it feels like you're not wearing a wetsuit!"

    Florian Angert, professional triathlete

    "For me, the Ultimate IPS Plus is the ideal choice because on the one hand the suit has a lot of buoyancy, but on the other hand it is still very flexible in the shoulder area. This combination makes me noticeably more economical in all races from the national league to the longer races. Due to the very good flexibility in the shoulder area, I can already put on the race suit completely underneath, which saves time as well as stress and risk in the 1st transition zone."

    Mika Noodt, professional triathlete

    "The sailfish Ultimate IPS Plus is a real weapon - it fits the body like a second skin, improves water position, stabilizes the hips and stands out for its flexibility in the arm area. The result of many years of experience and tests with the
    fastest swimmers in triathlon. For me the best support in theAuftaktdisziplin to keep the gap as small as possible".

    Andreas Dreitz, professional triathlete

    "The Ultimate IPS not only gives me enough lift but also the freedom of movement I need. In the race, it saves me energy, which is needed later."

    Thomas Ott, professional triathlete