Triathlon: how many kilometers, how long does it last and what is the procedure and sequence?

Triathlon: how many kilometers, how long does it last and what is the process and order?

We've all heard of triathlon, but do you really know what it means and how it's run? Triathlon is an endurance sport that consists of three consecutive disciplines: swimming, cycling and running. The competition can have different distances, from sprint to Ironman distance.

Distances vary depending on the competition. A sprint triathlon usually has a distance of 750 meters of swimming, 20 kilometers of biking and 5 kilometers of running. An Ironman triathlon, on the other hand, is a challenge for the toughest athletes and consists of a distance of 3.8 kilometers of swimming, 180 kilometers of biking and 42.2 kilometers of running.

The course of a triathlon is clearly defined and each discipline has its own rules and regulations. After the swim, athletes change into cycling gear and ride the prescribed course. After cycling, the athletes move on to running and finish the competition by crossing the finish line. Triathlon requires not only physical endurance, but also mental strength and a good strategy to meet the challenge.

Triathlon: How Many Km

As triathletes, we need to prepare for three different disciplines: Swimming, Cycling and Running. Each of these disciplines requires different skills and endurance. In this section, we will focus on the distances we need to cover in a triathlon.


The swimming distance in a triathlon usually varies from 750 m to 3.8 km. Most triathlons have a swim distance of 1.5 km or 1.9 km. For many athletes, the swim is the most challenging discipline, especially if it is in open water. It is important to allow enough time for swim training to improve technique and endurance.


The cycling distance of a triathlon can range from 20 km to 180 km. Most triathlons have a bike course of 40 km or 90 km. Cycling is a discipline where you can make up or lose a lot of time. It is important to have a good strategy to divide your forces wisely and have enough energy for the final run.


The running distance in a triathlon is usually between 5 km and 42.2 km. Most triathlons have a run distance of 10 km or a half marathon (21.1 km). The final run is often the most difficult part of the triathlon, as you have already completed two disciplines and your legs are tired. It is important to have a good running technique and save enough energy for the final sprint.

Overall, a triathlon requires a lot of training and preparation to master the different disciplines. It is important to know the distances in order to plan your training accordingly and focus specifically on your weaknesses.

Triathlon: How Long

Time for swimming

The swim distance in triathlon varies depending on the competition. Generally, you swim between 750m and 3.8km. The time it takes to swim depends on our swimming speed. An average swimmer takes about 2 minutes for 100m. This means that for a 750m swim we will need about 15 minutes. For a 3.8km swim, we will need about 1 hour and 20 minutes.

Time for cycling

After the swim comes the cycling. The cycling distance in triathlon is usually between 20km and 180km. The time we need for cycling depends on our speed. An average cyclist needs about 20 minutes for 5km. This means that for a 20km bike ride we will need about 1 hour. For a 180km bike ride we will need about 7 hours.

Time for running

After cycling comes running. The running distance in triathlon is usually between 5km and 42.2km. The time we need for running depends on our running speed. An average runner needs about 12 minutes for 1km. This means that for a 5km run we will need about 1 hour. For a 42.2km run, we will need about 5 hours.

Overall, the time you need for a triathlon depends on your individual performance. However, you should always set realistic goals and focus on proper preparation to maximize your performance.

Triathlon Procedure


The start of the triathlon is usually a mass start. All participants start at the same time and swim a certain distance. It is important to keep track and not panic in order to save unnecessary energy.

Change zones

After the swim, you go to transition zone 1, where you change from swimming to cycling clothes and take your bike. It is important to plan everything well in advance so that the transition is quick and smooth. In transition zone 2 you change from the bike to the run. Here you change clothes and take everything with you that is needed for the final run.


The goal of the triathlon is to complete all disciplines in the given order and to cross the finish line first. It is important to manage your strength well and not to give too much too early in order to still have enough energy for the final sprint at the end.

Overall, the course of the triathlon is very demanding and requires good preparation and a high level of physical fitness. However, with proper planning and execution, anyone can successfully participate in a triathlon.

Triathlon order

Swim first

The first discipline in a triathlon is swimming. You start in the water and swim a set distance before moving on to the next section. The swim section can be in a pool or in open water. It is important to warm up before the swim and familiarize yourself with the environment.

Cycling second

After the swim, it's off to the bike. You change your clothes and get on the bike. The bike course is usually longer than the swim course and can be on the road or off-road. It is important to be safe and comfortable on your bike.

Running last

The last discipline in triathlon is running. you take off your cycling clothes and put on your running shoes. The run course can be on the road or off-road and is usually the shortest course. It is important to warm up before running and prepare the body for the load.

Overall, the order of triathlon is always the same: swim, bike, run. It is important to prepare for each discipline and be ready for the different challenges that each section brings.