sailfish Academy | Episode 5: OPEN WATER SWIM TIPS

Let me start this 5th episode on open water swimming with quite a blunt statement.

You'll only get better in open water swimming by swimming in open water. We all know excellent pool swimmers who suck in open water. Well, oftentimes it's just a lack of training in open waters. As a general rule of thumb, if you have the opportunity, try to swim once a week in open water and I guarantee you you'll get better at all aspects of it over time. One of the most important aspects of swimming in open waters is orientation. In order to improve your orientation, you should try to learn how to swim water polo freestyle and aim for landmarks on the horizon. After the swim, if you recorded it on GPS, see how straight of a line you swam in and try to get better next time. A great way to save energy in swimming is dragging of somebody else's feet. However, when you do that, make sure the person ahead of you swims or knows how to swim in a straight line, otherwise all the energy you save goes into additional swimming time.