Care instructions

  1. Please protect your wetsuit from direct sunlight and heat.
    UV-rays damage the material and your wetsuit will deteriorate.
    Your wetsuit should never lie in a car or in any other hot area with direct sunlight. Worst case scenario: The material melts.
  2. Always rinse your wetsuit with clear, cold water after swimming.
  3. Hang the wetsuit up turned inside out and do not hang it into the sun.
  4. Your sailfish wetsuit neither likes to be washed in a washing machine nor does it want to be dried in a tumble dryer.
  5. sailfish wetsuits are designed for open water swimming and not for surfing, kiting or diving.
  6. Oily products or Vaseline damage the material and the seams – please use our sailfish Skin & Neck Protect to avoid chafe marks.
  7. Long fingernails and/or sharp objects can damage your high-tech wetsuit.


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