Swimming in cold water

You really want to go for a swim but (public) swimming pools are closed and you do not have your own? Luckily springtime is coming, it is getting warmer outside and there is a lake close by which attracts you. But the water is still cold and maybe you have respect or a little fear but you really want to go in? We know this feeling good enough and want to give you some tips to go in there and have a great experience. And guess what? After the swim there will be a smile on your face. Just try it you won’t be disappointed.

But first of all we want you to know that your safety and your health are really important for us so don’t be careless and listen to your body. You know your immune system the best and it is not productive to risk your health or life because of wrong ambition. Have a thoughtful mind and take responsibility for yourself.

So before you go in the water..

  1. Be prepared! Have your towel / beach robe and some warm clothes ready and to hand.

  2. Warm up a bit, it is going to be easier for your body to handle the cold water shock.

  3. Be safe! Bring a swimming partner, someone to watch from the shore, or at least a swimming buoy with you. If there is any problem in the water it is very important to have someone around who can help to get you out of there.

  4. Do not dive or jump into the water! The cold of the water can be like a shock for your body, so walking into the water will help getting used to the cold temperature.

  5. Have the right gear to wear.

But what is the right gear? It’s going to be freezing that’s for sure but the right gear can help you to get over it (at least for some time). To protect and keep the heat in your body and your extremities warm you definitely need to wear a wetsuit, a neoprene cap (adjustable) or at least two swim caps, neoprene gloves and neoprene socks. Ear plugs might help you to protect your ears and reduce disorientation, and to reduce the painful “brain freeze feeling” take a swim goggle or a swim mask.

Finally we guess you really want to know how long you can stay in the water. Our recommendation is 20-25 minutes at a max for a water temperature below 15 degrees. But every body is different so please take your body signals seriously.

We hope our tips are helpful for you and wish you a good swim. Have fun and be safe! (..the good thing is, it is going to be better and better from time to time.)

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