Our warranty is only valid for wetsuits purchased from an authorised sailfish dealer or from sailfish directly (please keep your receipt!).
You’ll find a list of authorized sailfish dealers on sailfish.com/en/dealer or sailfish.com/en/distributors.

Our warranty is not valid (without exemptions) for sailfish products purchased from:

  • unauthorised resellers,
  • eBay or
  • similar auction platforms.


sailfish extends a two year warranty for manufacturing faults and defects. The waranty starts on the date of purchase and is not transferable.
During the two year warranty period manufacturing faults will be repaired or the garment will be replaced at the discretion of sailfish. sailfish extends a one year warranty on the material itself.

  • 12 month warranty on material
  • 24 month warranty on seams and workmanship


The following defects do not fall under warranty and the owner will be held responsible for them.
Material and/or product damage resulting from:

  • sunshine
  • heat
  • improper handling, keeping or transport
  • fingernails or other sharp objects
  • improper repairs or modifications by unauthorised persons
  • normal wear, including scratches and colour changes
  • products purchased used or as samples


If you claim a warranty, the warranty period will neither be extended nor will there be a new warranty period.

You’ll find detailed instructions on how to put your wetsuit on and take it off, instructions for the warranty procedure and many more recommendations on sailfish.com.
Our repair service is also available after the warranty period. Our service department will examine every defect and will give a cost estimate for a potential repair.

Please read the care instructions carefully.



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